About Us

Who We Are

Oak Slope Productions Inc., created August 2001, identifies itself as an independent full-service video production company that offers multi-media services for both public and private use.  We offer competitive video production services and technologies for individuals, Realtors, schools, corporations and small businesses. We believe in teamwork and incorporate all creative input to generate a positive message for a variety of resources in support of education, environment, preservation, and historical movements.

Where We Are Going

As we expand our business, we continue to grow with every project that we embrace. Oak Slope's recent direction involves supporting Realtors in the real estate industry by offering cutting edge technology solutions through photography, 2D videos, and Matterport 3D Virtual Tour scan and capture presentations.  Our multi-media packages offer unique audio and visual experiences for clients exploring the wonderful process of finding a home. Our goals are to support the local economy, create commerce and offer employment opportunities within our surrounding communities, while helping individuals and other businesses facilitate the sharing of their resources and stories through multi-media productions.  

Our Mission

Our vision is to offer a creative and compelling approach through an audio-visual experience and incorporate all learning aspects of creativity through our technology, music, video and film productions.  We want to help you "Tell Your Story", sell your products and want to know who you are to better serve you.